Anonymous asked: are you gonna write the prompts in that order? :)

Probably not, I tend to just write whatever tickles my fancy the most when im in s writing mood ^.^ atm im working on the zouis mpreg the most!

Anonymous asked: Do you have a master list I could look at on my phone ?(:

I do not…Um, I’ll write my prompts on this ask:

  1. (Reworded) Zayn gets pregnant after a one night stand with Louis, keeps it a secret because he’s dating Eleanor but Niall finds out and promises not to tell anyone till Zayn has an accident on stage and Niall had to reveal the secret to all of the guys

  2. Hi this is my first time asking for a prompt ummm Zarry is totally my OTP too btw! Can you do a really smutty one where they keep trying and trying for a baby and it’s Zayn on bottom and Harry on top and like Zayn wants Harry to stay inside him all the time and in the end they have a baby girl and name her Brel???? Please and thank you!

  3. a larry mpreg where louis is pregnant and has a hard time dealing with all the symptoms that come along with it, like headaches, nausea and back pains. Harry is the cute boyfriend who tries to comfort him and does anything he asks for.

  4. Could you do a zarry mpreg fic where Harry and Zayn go to visit Zayn’s family but the he goes into labour but they can’t get to a hospital and Zayn’s mom has to deliver the baby.

  5. Hi your a amazing writer (:! Could you possibly do a lirry fanfic where liam cuts himself and Harry finds out and helps liam stop because he cares about him, also they kiss. Just really fluffy! Thank you (: xxxx

  6. Here’s the Larry belly stuffing prompt (oh and the unoriginality wouldn’t be a problem because it’d be a change of character anyway and you can change it how you want! I’m not very good at prompts): Harry has a major belly stuffing kink and has been hiding it from Louis. The pair get bored one night and Louis asks Harry if there are any kinks that they could explore. Harry admits (ashamedly) about the kink, and Louis decides to let him feed him until he could burst. Thanks!

I’m also working on some of my own original things :)

Anonymous asked: Are you planning on writing any belly stuffing fics anytime soon?

I’ve done 2 or 3…I have a larry prompt version but thats about it

Anonymous asked: What r u writing next?

I don’t have the slightest clue to be honest :’) I’m trying to get into something but deciding which to finish I dunno, ive lots of prompts lined up though…

Anonymous asked: so glad to hear from you again :3

Yepp, I’ve returned from the dark and will start writing A.S.A.P!


Anonymous asked: Yaay, youre back!:) I cant wait for your next story! What pairing is it gonna be?:) <3

WELL, I am working on a few pieces but basically just when I think my life stops being hectic, it gets hectic again! I’ve been working on my music work and that’s like number 1 in my life so, yeah. Um, I’ve a few Zarry’s, an original piece about fire&ice powers I’m excited to start and a zouis genderswap smut and then prompts.


Somewhere over the rainbow, my new Zarry fic 

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So im still working on prompts but here’s a long fic idea I’m going to be writing:

"Their families wanted normal lives for them each. The precious son born to Cryokinesis, and the boy blessed with Pyrokinesis. Two very different worlds that collide unexpectedly." - a.k.a Harry has ice powers, Zayn has Fire, they learn to get along, coolness.

Seem interesting?

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Save me from the edge.
Prompts: can you write an angst fic about scars? like one of the boys has scars (from self harm, an accident, surgery whatever) and they’re really embarrassed/ashamed. And everyone finds about about the scars and he gets made fun of for it but the boys (or just one) comfort him. (zarry would be nice, but any pairing)
I’ll do Zarry romanitc paring, Zianourry friendship..
Warning: Triggering – self harm, detailed description, anxiety. 

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