I know I said the fic would be up in the morning but im currently dying of illness and over stressing with thoughts of going back to school. If I don’t go in Wednesday, one (maybe two if lucky) more fic will be up soon. If I do go in, well the zayn scars one will be up by the end if the week at least.

Otherwise, I’ll have to do my best but it’s back to my hectic schedule for a while!

Anonymous asked: Are you still going to do the scars prompt? (Sorry, I love your docs bye you're awesome)

Yeah yeah I’ve got about half of it done! (Aha, thank you ^_^)

Sneak peak: Zayn smiled, the soft sleepy smile with half open eyes but a fluttery heart and suddenly he’d really regretted letting himself over think and react. Everything ends up mending sooner or later and if he’d just gone to bed or had the will power, maybe he wouldn’t be staring at his sore arm with guilt.

'Nice one Zayn…fucked up, again.'

I’m just doing some revision now though but I’ll hopefully have it done for tomorrow afternoon :) 

Typical 20’s bullshit party.
Prompts: Can you do one where Zayn sees Harry flirting with another person and gets jealous so they have jealous sex? Either they’re dating or not (:
Warnings: possessive and slow smut
Side pairing: 

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Anonymous asked: You seriously dont want me to do my homework, do you?! Haha you keep updating and posting your beautiful fics and I just cant help but read them :333 Ur the best!

I was finally hit with inspiration and it’s keeping me relaxed between A-level studying ;D I’m so happy you like my stuff, it means the world to me ^.^ (but do you homework *nag nag nag* :P)

Anonymous asked: Hey! I don't want to be annoying or anything, but are you still going to write that Larry belly stuffing prompt I sent a while back? x

Well I ended up getting rid of all my prompts because of stress related reasons. If you would like to resend it/change it, now’s the time!
Only thing is I’ve done 2 zarry stuffing fics so I hope the unoriginality of my writing wouldn’t be an issue?

Ruined surprise.

Prompt: Ziam please where it’s christmas eve and liam didn’t show up at the dinner that zayn was planning for, he was going to surprise liam that he’s pregnant for two months. Liam doesn’t even apologise. They fight, alot and zayn still didn’t tell liam. Until one day liam overheard zayn crying when he was talking to his mum. X

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Anonymous asked: OMG, I SIMPLY ADORE ALL OF YOUR STORIES! :D What are you writing next?

Oh thank you so much! Sometimes I’m so unsure about them, I’m happy they’re enjoyed :) I’ve gotten 4 new prompts, the 2 I’ve been working on and hope to have done before I go back to school Wednesday are:

  • Can you do one where Zayn sees Harry flirting with another person and gets jealous so they have jealous sex? Either they’re dating or not (:
  • can you write an angst fic about scars? like one of the boys has scars (from self harm, an accident, surgery whatever) and they’re really embarrassed/ashamed. And everyone finds about about the scars and he gets made fun of for it but the boys (or just one) comfort him. (zarry would be nice, but any pairing)

I also have an old Ziam christmas prompt I’m like 3 paragraphs from finishing and then there’s a Zouis mpreg and a Larry mpreg I may start if I have time. But yeah

Anonymous asked: How we didn't figure it out is fucking amazing! Love it! I would love to know what their parents' reaction c:

Yay glad you enjoyed it ^.^ I was gonna keep going with it but it got to 2 in the morning so I wrapped it up..maybe I’ll do another part;3

"How didn’t we figure it out?"
Prompts: Hiii, I have an idea for a prompt?:-) larry highschool au with pregnant!harry like, ” I didn’t know I was pregnant”; bloody love this blog xx.
Warnings: Mpreg, labour, absurdity..
I hope ya’ll like, I tried my best!
P.s. I’m English, so ‘highschool’ is secondary school and the boys are sixthformers which is the oldest years and football for American readers is soccer. 

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Angel Hayden.

Prompts: Can you write a fic about the sidebar photo? Like Zayn and Harry adopted the little girl and just being cute husbands :3

This is more of a drabble than a fic!

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